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The ridiculous, true story of a search for meaning amidst love, loss, and butterflies at The Top of the World. “A deliriously good show.” –CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corp)

"Martin Dockery knows how to spin even the most common occurrence into a gripping yarn – a trick the best stand-ups display. The vibrant New Yorker delivers his tales with verve, wit and insight." –Chortle, London (UK).

Venue: Community School of Music and Arts, 330 East State/Martin Luther King St.

Martin Dockery / Brooklyn, NY

Clover McNamara has the perfect life. Beloved by her town and worshipped by her friends, she has everything her Mother has always wanted for her. But that’s not what Clover wants. She wants to play golf. For over 100 years, the Paschal Golf Club has been the heart and soul of Epoch, Texas. Golf is a grand tradition in this small town, and one that Clover is dying to be a part of. There’s just one problem: the club doesn’t allow women.  AGES 13+

Venue: Lifelong, 119 West Court St.

The Lightning Gap
James Comfort II / Ithaca, NY

There are things magicians and jugglers don't want to talk about. Not because they can't, but because we don't want to seem as screwed up as the rest of society.  Doug Stafford is here to take you a tour behind the magical fourth wall--and talk about how we really are more messed up than the rest of society!

AGES 13+

Venue: Cinemapolis, 120 East Green St.

My Lack of Social Life
Bad Idea Entertainment / Norristown, PA

A One-Woman Show with Balls. Metaphorically Speaking. Forgo the frill, abandon pretension, and dig in for 50 minutes of humble and humorous insight as Penny Sterling relates the very true story of her fictitious life as a man, and her true life as a transgender woman. Rochester, NY comedienne, parent, TV producer/director, improv artist, storyteller, and now informant, Penny will report the findings from her 54 years as a SPY IN THE HOUSE OF MEN.   AGES 13+

Venue: Lifelong, 119 West Court St.

Spy in the House of Men
Penny: For Your Thoughts / Rochester, NY

Four comedies, from the very short to the probably not nearly short enough: Unwelcome news at the annual physical.  Alphas mentor betas in a battle between the sexes.  A radio interlude: an homage to Bob and Ray.  And the only known musical comedy about boxing..   AGES 13+

Venue: Community School of Music and Arts, 330 East State/Martin Luther King St.

Important Nonsense
Wolf's Mouth Theatre Company / Ithaca, NY

Mary is  a single mother who, after a life full of abuse and failed relationships with men, decides to explore a relationship with a woman named Paulina, who sweeps her off of her feet. Mary realizes that the unresolved issues of her past lead her to a path of self destruction where happiness and healing came with a cost.  AGES 18+

Venue: Cinemapolis, 120 East Green St.

Mississippi Smiles
RunBoyRun Prod. / Philadelphia, PA

Judy and Zack are just like you. They have loving relationships, families of their own and full-time jobs. When Zack finds a box containing several notes, cards and letters Judy has sent to him over 25 years, they discover a comic strip they created as kids. The characters Sunny and Cloudy come back to life as the friends find that their childhood selves have a lot to offer. Judy and Zack then begin to believe that they’ll be able to weather their uncertain futures with courage and good humor. The show combines three elements: live-action sequences, puppetry and time-lapse film.


Venue: The History Center, 401 East State/Martin Luther King St

The World Will Stop If We Make a Mistake

New Vintage Ensemble / Scranton, PA

Kara Sevda
Now What Theatre / Glasgow, Scotland &New York City /

Nuclear winter has descended upon the globe. The last train south out of Paris is boarding. But not everyone will be drawn in the lottery. When Celia and Rhys find themselves awaiting the lottery results on the same bench, they strike up a challenging acquaintance amidst falling bombs and a nameless war, asking the question ‘what kind of world do we live in now...’ and what happens if they don't catch the train at all?


Formed by members of the 2016 MA Classical and Contemporary Text (Acting) program at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in Glasgow, Now What Theatre is a group of international actors and theatre creators dedicated to producing new works. Kara Sevda is their first production and first Transatlantic tour.

AGES 13+

Venue: Circus Culture, Press Bay Alley, 116 West Green St.

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